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Flor de Caña

After five generations, Flor de Caña continues to follow the same family tradition, with 125 years of history achieving and preserving perfection in their Rums.

Flor de Caña story started in 1890, when our founder dared to plant sugar can at the foot of San Cristobal Volcano, the most active in Nicaragua. He did so believing the enriched volcanic soil would have a hand in growing sugar cane with superior flavors; for a more unique and complex rum. 

Flor de Caña is aged naturally in American bourbon casks and sealed with banana leaves, giving our rum a refined finish with tropical flavor notes. Our ageing process is called Slow-aged, which means that Flor de Caña achieves its remarkable amber color and rich flavor without the aid of accelerants or unnatural additives. 

Today, we´ve maintained our commitment to Single Estate production, which means that every element is sown, distilled, aged and bottled under our dedicated watch – ensuring the quality and mastery of our legacy from field to bottle. 

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Director/Photographer: Nick Hall
Producer: Joanne Decarlo
Director of Photography: Kevin Philbin  
Production designer: Jordan Swan
Writer: Chris McKee
Music: MDV-Remember Me by Andrew Oye